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About us

Hospitality with tradition for more than 140 years

The History

The hotel, which was founded as an inn with a bakery and a confectioner in 1876, numbers among St.Vith's most traditional houses. In 1924 the founding couple F.W. Margraff and Barbara Terren, handed the business over to their daughter, Thérèse Margraff and her husband Franz Pip. Since this time the firm has borne the double-barrelled name PIP-MARGRAFF.

The history of St.Vith runs parallel with the development of the house. The whole complex which had been extended twice to include new ballroom and guest-room facilities, was totally destroyed in December 1944 along with the rest of the town.
Reconstruction work began in 1951 and the hotel and restaurant was able to open its doors again in 1952. Under the management of F.W.Pip and Maria Probst, and later with their children's help, this hotel acquired the reputation it enjoys today. Since 1983 this family company, now in its fourth generation, has been managed by Franz Pip and his wife, Monique Gilman.

An extensive new wing, built in 1986, bears witness to the owners' willingness to respond to present-day requirements and provide their guests with the most relaxing surroundings possible.